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    releases July 27, 2017

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All Punks Welcome
Piss-Stained Cuff
Only Once
For a Song
Tommy Has a Plan (That's a Compliment)
...And Left
Apples & Trees


releases July 27, 2017

All songs written by The Phosphorus Bombs
Produced by The Phosphorus Bombs
Recorded/Mixed by Michael Sale
Drums recorded @ The Shed
Assistant Drum Engineer - Flynn Daley
Mastered at Bill Stevenson's Blasting Room by Jason Livermore
Art & Design by Sam Harwood



all rights reserved


The Phosphorus Bombs Sydney, Australia

The Phosphorus Bombs play blistering punk rock that harkens back to those halcyon days when Survival of the Fattest was the only soundtrack you ever needed/could afford.

For Fans of NOFX, Bad Religion, Strung Out, Good Riddance, Propagandhi
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Track Name: Hitchhiker
We have arrived!
We've tried the hectic scramble now it's biting at our feet
There was a time to justify but now we're
Running out of words

And those that will keep it, the few that will keep it the same
And those that do speak it, they fear we will keep it same...THEY'RE WRONG!

Cause I can see what's going on
And you can see what's going on
We all know what's going on
So wrong!, so wrong?, SO WHAT!

I don't have a right to say, maybe it's not my place
What about their reputation, let's plea to saving face
I heard that it was only once and they've learnt from this experience
Stay seated through this turbulence

Cause now we see what's going on
And you can see what's going on
We've all known what's going on
So wrong!

But now we can't deny it's been there right before our fucking eyes
And we're standing up for those in the rows behind
So wrong to believe one above us all
Surround yourself with the rest assured

So wrong, so what
So wrong....
So wrong, so what
So wrong, so what
So wrong, so what
So wrong,
So wrong, so what
So wrong, so what
So wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong, so wrong
Track Name: We Remain
The faith of some is held in ideal forms, while the murmurs rising from the gallery but…I…have…nev-er-shed a single thread, left opportunity resounding hollow in the void of constancy

But now…it’s time for a change!

And the pride of our elected point of view ,suspected left untested, gathers bodies, rank and file
And needless to say we’re opposed, I’m needless, ashamed and exposed

But now…it’s time for a change!
It’s time I explain
It’s time we settle all our differences with the strength we’d left remain

We remain!

We remain!
Sincere to the unfolding course of exchange
We remain!
Urgent, determined against those who seek to restrain
We remain!

And where will you seat at the table?
What do you hear, these friends of mine?

We remain!
Track Name: Lethe
Hey look, they’ve come to find a common ground
Deflect the point across
Til our gift to empathise remains discrete

Have a seat, we may be here awhile, could you please vacate the aisle
There’s dissension of the terms these are none of your concerns
Of what it means to be free

Hey look, they’ve come to lose themselves
in suits custom to criticise
So talk in circles surging hope a thousand leagues
And rest our feet upon revisions to our wealth for toil
Create a queue for the most basic human needs

But don’t misread, we may be here awhile, and we’d prefer a single file
At their expense let us rejoice
Til all that’s left, left without a voice

Left at sea hey hey
Left at sea hey hey
Left at sea hey hey hey ho